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Chemistry and Geosciences

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Environmental Science

Environmental Science provides a student an opportunity to explore the world, and to recognize a problem and to find a solution.

Environmental Science is offered as a minor. This will allow a student to major in any field including geography, chemistry, biology, for example, and apply that information to Environmental Science.

Environmental Science students take a “hands-on” approach to understanding how the environment works, and to understand how it can be repaired if damaged.

A student with an Environmental Science minor would have experience to pursue a career as an:

  • Environmental Technician- works to support the collection and analysis of environmental information.
  • Environmental Chemist – works to support laboratory analysis of environmental samples.
  • Environmental Geographer – works to understand the relationship between human activity and its impact on environmental quality.
  • Environmental Planner - works to collect and analyze environmental information to support the development of plans that would reduce the impact on the environment.

The minor requires five core courses in Environmental Science and 3 support courses.

Core Courses:

  • ESC 300 - Introduction to Environmental Science (3)
  • ESC 310 - Environmental Laws and Regulations (3)
  • ESC 321 - Environmental Systems (3)
  • ESC 460 - Quality Assurance/Quality Control (3)
  • ESC 490 - Environmental Auditing (3)

Support Courses:

  • BY 303 - Biological Conservation (3)
  • CY 471 - Toxicological Chemistry (3)
  • ESC 330 - Principals of Hazardous Materials Management (3)
  • BY 332 - Ecology (3)
  • ESC 495 - Risk Analysis (3)
  • PHS 327 Elementary Radiation Physics (3)

Environmental Science Management is also offered as a graduate level for students to pursue:

An Environmental Science Management Certificate requires 5 core courses in Environmental Science

A Masters in Public Administration with an emphasis in Environmental Science Management is also available. Please refer to the Graduate Bulletin for more details.


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