Medical Terminology

Students admitted to upper division Nursing must demonstrate proficiency in Medical Terminology. Proficiency may be validated in one of the following ways:
  1. Prior to admission to upper division Nursing, students may elect to enroll in NU 130 Medical Terminology or an equivalent transferable course evaluated by the BSN Program Director. The Medical Terminology course grade must reflect a grade of "B" or greater.
  2. After admission to upper division Nursing, students have three attempts to successfully obtain a score of 80% or greater proficiency on a Medical Terminology exam which is administered during the First Semester of Upper Division. If the student is unsuccessful after the third attempt, the student must then drop the course prior to the academic penalty date to avoid course failure and meet with their advisor to request re-tracking by the Admission and Progression Committee.  Student are encouraged to prepare for the medical terminology quiz by completing the two medical terminology review courses offered free via the two Internet links below: