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Graduate Studies

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Master of Science in Sport Management


HPE     525       Current Issues and Trends in Athletics (3)

HPE     540       Law and Ethics in Wellness & Sport Studies (3)

HPE     563       Sport Finance (3)

HPE     564       Human Resources Management in Sport (3)

HPE     566       Public and Media Relations in Sport (3)

HPE     567       Sport Facility Administration and Design (3)

HPE     568       Administration of Athletics (3)

HPE     576       Sport Marketing (3)

HPE     586       Sport Promotion and Event Planning (3)

**HPE 591       Internship in Sport Management (3)


HPE     592       Internship in Sport Marketing and Administration (3)

 *SPE  500       Survey Course in Special Education (3)


30 - 33* Graduate  Semester Hours Required for this Degree


*Students who have not previously satisfied the special education requirement at the undergraduate or graduate level must take SPE 500.

*Students who previously satisfied the special education requirement at the undergraduate or graduate level must take a state-approved diversity course by advisement.

 *Students pursuing the teacher certification concentration must enroll in this course.



   Admission to the certification concentration requires a minimum of fourth-year bachelor’s level teacher certification in some area of education or a higher degree and fifth year certification.  Completion of this program leads to eligibility for fifth-year (master’s) teacher certification in sport management.  As of July 1, 2017, and thereafter, experience verification must show 2 full years of full-time, acceptable professional educational work experience prior to unconditional admission. 

   Admission to the non-certification concentration does not require fourth-year bachelor’s level teaching certification.

   Candidates admitted (to enroll in courses in a Class A teaching field program) may complete no more than five approved program courses prior to unconditional admission to the program (this includes transfer credit).  Exceptions to this rule must be approved by the Dean of the School of Education and the Director of Graduate Studies.

   Students in this program are required to purchase College LiveText. College LiveText Education Solutions is a complete development, man­agement, and assessment solution specifically designed for colleges and universities. Additional information on College LiveText can be obtained at


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