Financial Support

JSU offers four possible employment opportunities for students enrolled in its College of Graduate Studies: (1) Graduate Assistantships; (2) University Student Employee Program; (3) Federal Work-Study;  (4) Cooperative Education.

Graduate Study Scholarships are also available


Graduate Assistantships

Several salaried assistantships are awarded each year. In addition to a monthly salary, these assistantships also cover six semester hours of graduate traditional tuition for the fall and spring semesters and a total of six semester hours of graduate traditional tuition during the summer sessions. Graduate assistants must report to the Human Resources Office in Bibb Graves Hall to produce evidence of identity and employment authorization within three business days of the date employment begins. To apply, contact the Office of the College of Graduate Studies, 256-782-5345 or email or 

University Student Employee Program – University Aid

Many JSU students work part-time in campus positions in a variety of departmental areas. These positions do not come through the Office of Student Financial Services and do not require a financial aid application. Once a student is hired, he/she must sign the University Aid Contract with the hiring department.

Part-Time Off-Campus Employment

Information concerning employment off campus is available at

Graduate Cooperative Education Program

Cooperative Education is a unique partnership between the University, industry and business community. Professional employment allows the student to apply the knowledge learned in the classroom to the workplace, in addition to the development of intellect and culture within their major fields of study. The co-op program is designed to be an  integral part of the graduate student’s academic program.

Cooperative Education allows graduate students to work full-time/40 hours per week or part-time/20 hours per week in a professional workplace, while pursuing at least 3 credit hours (alternate schedule) and 6 credit hours (parallel schedule) at Jacksonville State University.

There are no fees associated with the Graduate Co-Op Program, and if approved, students are provided full-time enrollment status, while on work assignments of hours 20 hours per week (parallel).

For further information please contact Career Services at 256-782-5482 or

Change of Major and Federal Financial Aid Regulations

Due to new Federal Financial Aid regulations, JSU Graduate Studies Admissions will not be able to process your request to change your major until the end of each semester.  Please be aware, change of major requests will only be processed at the end of each semester through the day before the next semester begins.