Committees 2020-2021

Faculty Senate Committee Members


Russell Hammack, President  |  Chair
Paul Hathaway, President-Elect
Sayyed Fawad Ali Shah, Secretary
Kim Westbrooks, Historian

Admissions & Scholarship

Makenzie Bayles | Chair
Xiaoqing (Frank) Wang
Kay Lang
Arlinda Wormely
Jeff Pruitt
Nouredine Zettili
Paul Hathaway | Ex Officio


Falynn Turley | Chair
Jeff Van Slyk
Jamie Runnells
Travis Easterling
Paul Hathaway | Ex Officio


Jeff Dodd | Chair
Jimmy Triplett
Monica Trifas
James Woodward
Michael Alvidrez
Jeremy Ross
Russell Hammack | Ex Officio


Lenn Rainwater | Chair
Helen Kaibara
Michael Boynton
Wendy Stephens
Paul Hathaway | Ex Officio


Melissa Duckett | Chair
Yingqi Tang
Don Bennett
Tom Anderson
Jada Murray
Paul Hathaway | Ex Officio

Faculty Research Committee*

Paul Hathaway | Ex Officio
Joe Walsh | Ex Officio

* While the Faculty Research Committee is not an official Faculty Senate standing committee, the Faculty Senate assists Academic Affairs and Faculty Commons with the operation of this committee. Faculty Research Grant applications and Faculty Research Awards activity forms should be submitted using the online forms. For the application forms and more information, please see the Academic Affairs pages on Research Awards and Research Grants.