Block Rate/Flat Rate Tuition

Block Rate Tuition - Building to Success

Beginning Fall 2021

  • Undergraduate freshmen and sophomores taking 1-11 credit hours will continue to be charged $324 per hour (in-state) or $648 per hour (out-of-state) plus fees
  • Undergraduate freshmen and sophomores taking 12-18 credit hours will be charged a block rate of $4860 for tuition per semester (in-state) or $9720 per semester (out-of-state) plus fees
  • Undergraduate freshmen and sophomores taking more than 19 hours will be charged the block tuition rate, fees, plus $324 per hour (in-state) or $648 per hour (out-of-state)
  • Undergraduate juniors and seniors, both in-state and out-of-state, may opt-in to the new block rate plan upon request
  • The current fee structure will remain in place for all undergraduate tuition plans
Graduation Cap

15 Credit Hours

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$4860 Flat Rate Tuition

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Block Rate/Flat Rate FAQs

Block rate or flat rate tuition is defined as charging a single tuition rate for credits within a defined range (e.g., 12-18 semester hours).

Beginning in the Fall 2021 semester, undergraduates will pay the same basic tuition rate for a course load of 12-to-18 credit hours per semester.

The block rate tuition at JSU is part of an overall effort to enhance student success, persistence and create an easier and more affordable path to graduation in four years.  This rate provides students with an incentive to take more hours in support of that goal.  Students require 15 hours a semester or 30 hours a year to stay on track to graduate in four years.  Research indicates significant benefits for students who take 15 hours per semester:  better academic performance, higher retention rates and increased graduation rates.  Additionally, the block rate is a way to help students reduce the overall cost of their education.

Block rate tuition at JSU will become effective with the Fall 2021 semester.

No. Several universities in Alabama have established block rate tuition. Evidence nationwide suggests that block rate tuition is a promising strategy for increasing student success and degree-completion in 4-years.

Yes. Students will still pay the General University Fee as well as distance learning fees, program fees, and course fees if applicable.

No, Dual Enrollment Students are not included in Block Rate Tuition.

Students enrolled in fewer than 12 hours will continue to pay the per credit hour tuition rate as they do now.

No. Block rate tuition applies to undergraduates only and has been established to help students earn their BA/BS degree in four years.

Although challenging at first, taking 15 or more credit hours allows students to accelerate their progress and offers opportunities to pursue a minor or a certificate at no additional cost.  Furthermore, students who graduate in four years will have access to the work force which accelerates their earning potential while avoiding increased debt from prolonged undergraduate enrollments. 

Students should consult their academic advisor to determine best options.  Students also have access to free assistance from the Student Success Center in the Houston Cole Library for tutoring & academic support, supplemental instruction, academic plans and success coaching.  For more information see the Student Success Center website.

JSU wants all admitted students to be successful and recognizes that a student’s ability to manage his/her academic workload is dependent on a variety of personal circumstances. These include learning style, , financial and work commitments, and family dynamics, to name a few. JSU academic support specialists, financial aid counselors, career services specialists and others across campus can help guide students in making smart decisions about academic load given the student’s personal circumstances.  Contact the Student Success Center or your academic advisor for guidance and direction.

In consultation with their academic advisor students can withdraw from some courses before the published deadline. From a financial aid perspective, it is advisable to maintain at least 12 credit hours per semester.  Students receiving financial aid should talk to a financial aid advisor if they are considering dropping below 12 credit hours due to the possible negative impact on financial aid.

No, block rate tuition only applies during the fall and spring terms.